New Construction Inspection

Why would I need an inspection on a brand new home


New home construction is flourishing throughout Florida. Here in the Sarasota, Bradenton area, you see it everywhere. In the Palmetto, Lakewood Ranch and Riverview areas alone there are over 300 new communities, and more are springing up every day. Builders are building homes in record time to keep up with the demand.

Most builders do a good job, their reputations depend on it. Unfortunately, they don’t have the time or the resources to verify everything that is done to a new home. They rely on County Building Inspectors and there own subcontractors to make sure everything is done correctly.

The reality is, your home is being built by subcontractors and their employees, not the builder. The Builders goal is to complete as many new homes as economically as possible before the next recession. To do this they often hire the lowest bidder or the only bidder if there aren’t enough skilled tradesmen available. The bottom line is you have no idea who is building your home.

“A recently released survey by the Associated General Contractors of America revealed that nearly 80 percent of construction businesses are having a hard time finding qualified skilled labor. Beginning first in small isolated pockets when home construction bottomed out in 2011, the labor shortage is now in full bloom, with repercussions being felt throughout the nation.” -Tradesman International

The Local Building department does not check for sloppy workmanship. They are not concerned with the fit and finish of a home only that it complies with local building codes.

Building inspectors have to inspect many homes in a day. They only allocate a small portion of their day for each inspection. They don’t have time to climb on roofs or crawl into the attic, they do a quick walkthrough.

Building inspectors don’t actually test any the components of a home. Their job is to make sure the installation complies with local ordinances.

Common problems found in new homes

Plumbing drains that never got connected or clogged with construction debris

Appliances not hooked up

Hot and cold water lines being reversed

Doors not locking properly

Hot water connected  to toilets

Water not turned on to lavatories

Dishwashers not hooked up

House under construction

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