Mobile Home inspections

If you are buying a mobile home, you can't afford to make a mistake

Mobile and Manufactured home inspections

West Florida Inspections specializes in mobile and manufactured home inspection services.

When you choose West Florida Inspections to inspect your future mobile home you get an inspection by an experienced Building Contractor and Home Inspector, a detailed report with photos to help you make your buying decision

Our Mobile homes inspection consists of all the items included in a standard home inspection while also paying special attention to areas unique to mobile and manufactured homes. These areas include the tie-downs, the vapor barrier, skirting and the undercarriage. These areas are especially vulnerable to problems in our hot humid climate.

Tie-downs are systems of heavy-duty straps and anchors designed to stabilize manufactured and mobile homes during high winds. Manufactured/mobile homes are lighter than site-built homes. This and the fact that they are usually elevated add to the need of being securely attached to the ground. This is the object of the tie-down system. The tie-downs securely attach the mobile home to the ground preventing the wind from uplifting the mobile home, they also resist the lateral movement of the wind pushing against the side

Things we inspect in addition to all the things in a standard inspection

Footings and piers, particularly with respect to size and spacing. We also make sure they are:

  • Not damaged or leaning
  • Making good contact with the ground so they can bear the weight of the home
  • Are no rotted or cracked pier caps or leveling shims

Skirting or permanent foundation, we check to see that:

  • It is made of a durable material
  • There are no holes or gaps that would allow rodents access
  • That it is adequately attached to minimize vibration and wind damage
  • That it is attached as to not allow water to become trapped between the skirting and the siding

Vapor barrier we check to see that:

  • Its continuous underneath and not torn
  • Any repairs to the vapor barrier are sealed properly
  • The dryer vent exhausts outside the skirting

Exposed structural connections. We make sure there is:

  • No corrosion in the tie-down straps
  • No corrosion in the ground anchors

Tie-down attachments.

  • Determine the type and spacing of the anchor straps, and how they are attached to the frame.
  • Confirm that they meet the standards in place at the time the home was installed

Under floor access provisions

  • Make sure there is adequate access under the home, and it can be secured

Under-floor ventilation provisions

  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation under the home to prevent moisture problems

Accessory Buildings and Structures

  • Make sure they are properly supported, a mobile home is designed to only support its own weight, so additions must not bear weight on the home.

Site grading and drainage

  • Make sure grade allows water to flow away from the home so as not to cause moisture problems.

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