4 point, Wind Mitigation and Roof Condition Reports

Do I Need Them ?

4 point and Roof Condition Inspection Reports benefit your insurance company. Wind Mitigation Inspections benefit YOU! 

Your insurance company may require a 4 point or roof condition report to verify certain aspects of your home to confirm insurability.

They are usually requested on older homes, generally 25 years or older. They allow the insurance company to know about the condition of the roof, plumbing, electric, and air conditioning systems and what they are made of and how much longer they can typically expect to last.

Wind Mitigation reports benefit the homeowner by reducing your homeowner’s policy premium if your home meets certain conditions. The reduction in premium can be up to 60% of the total of the wind portion of your homeowner’s policy.

4 Point Inspection Report

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Roof Condition Report

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Wind Mitigation Report

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