Do you have an outlet that doesn’t work?

Is it located in your kitchen, bathroom, or outside, or any other wet location?

It could be a GFI, or GFCI

A GFCI is a  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.


It is an outlet that offers a greater level of safety than a regular outlet

They have been required by building codes on exteriors starting back in 1971, and over time have been required in more and more locations, including all areas that may get wet, like kitchens and baths.

A GFI works by shutting off the power in less time than it takes to blink if it detects power leaking out somewhere, possibly through you!

A GFI has a test button and a reset button.

If you press the test button and hear a click, the GFI just tripped, shutting off power the outlet and any other outlets that are connected to it.

 If you press the reset button, power should be restored to that outlet and any others that are connected.

If it does not trip when tested or… reset after, you should have it checked out  by a qualified electrician.

Outlets that are connected or “downstream” of the GFI device may be located in different rooms of your house or even by a special GFI circuit breaker in your electrical panel.

Take time to learn what outlets are attached to which GFI’s and test them monthly!